Depending on the geography, we have different data compliances like GDPR, CCPA. During the design of our data solutions, it is mandatory that we should keep security and compliance requirements into account and take action to achieve them. Most cloud providers follow the security guidelines and keep the data safe…

Azure Machine learning service provides different features to operationalize the machine learning pipeline. One of the important feature is to have the AMLS environment configured with the workspace. In this post, I am going to talk about the AMLS environment, and how can we ship our private python packages(.whl) …

Advanced Azure Devops

A quick tutorial to loop through a task in Azure Devops.

Azure DevOps pipelines ( credit: Microsoft )

I came across with a requirement where I had to create around 100 SQL databases through the DevOps pipeline in one release. In this kind of solution, the native support of the Powershell in Azure DevOps always helped! And I have a good faith on Powershell as it helped me…

Azure Machine Learning

This is a beginner hands on practice on Azure Machine Lerning and its usage.

In this post, I am going to talk about my experience with the Azure Machine Learning service (AMLS), and operationalize the model using the Azure DevOps ( MLOps). There are plenty of useful resources available in the official Microsoft documentation, and they are really helpful to get me started with…

Samarendra Panda

I work in Microsoft as a Data & AI consultant. love building solution in Azure Data & AI platform.

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